SEAM - Älykästä sähkönkulutusta


SEAM enables intelligent and sustainable energy solutions. We provide large energy consumers the risk-free ability to substantially reduce their electricity usage and shift it to inexpensive off-peak hours.

The energy market is changing, and now is the time to focus on the future. SEAM is here to assist your company with smart energy decisions. We are familiar with the logic of the market and able to anticipate its changes. We act as a specialist between the energy market and your company.

We will visit your company and its production facilities, and examine the possibilities to utilize demand response (DR). We offer you our expertise and the best software. With the help of automated DR, we optimize your company's energy consumption.

The implementation of demand response is simple and does not affect production.

We offer three different DR solutions for optimizing energy consumption.



  • When the market price of electricity is high, consumption is decreased
  • An effortless and risk-free service
  • Direct savings in electricity bill: 10–25 %


  • Rapid adjustment of energy consumption
  • Optimization generates surplus, which is sold to Fingrid as a reserve
  • Fingrid pays customer directly
  • Potentially large savings


  • Cutting consumption at peak hours


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